The playground is done! I feel like that was the big project we wanted to complete before the husband leaves again. Now C feels like he has a place he can go when he is mad at me, which is quite often. He used to resort to taking away our homemade gifts and flipping around all the pictures of mom and dad in the house. ( That’ll show them!) Now he can retreat to the solitude of his backyard playground/fort and mutter under his breath in peace. Although last night I looked out the window and saw him sitting out there eating a pack of gummies surrounded by no one but dinosaur toys and thought….huh, maybe we should have had kids closer together. But that ship sailed by ages ago.  I waved to it.

After a slightly less than safe car ride there is now a slide attached as well. The husband is calling it finished, although I noticed a pack of “safety handles” on the back porch that were not installed. The Orihoods…not believers in safety.
Seamless Transition:  M has started taking  a solid 1.5-2 hour nap in the mornings. People are all, ” that sucks now you can’t go anywhere in the mornings.” News flash: I DONT CARE!!! The child is sleeping God Bless It.  Mostly thanks to this book. Now if we can only conquer gym childcare.
Those are the sleep lines of a solid nap right there.