Congratulations! The stick turned pink! The ultrasound shows a tiny parasite! The blood test results are in! You are pregnant! (Don’t panic you aren’t really knocked up- this is hypothetical. Unless you are and then yay real congrats!) Now here is the never ending list of absolute must have necessities  you have to register for, obsess over, buy, panic if you don’t have. Here are the 12 stores you need to go to where they sell them. And they better all be BPA free and organic. And don’t buy Sophie the Giraffe anymore because evidently she’s full of mold. (We still have C’s sophie. I should crack that sucker open, for science.)  Keep up, people.
Now proceed to feel completely overwhelmed at a time in your life when everyone tells you it is important to relax. I remember after finding out I was having a girl standing in the middle of a baby clothing store wanting to hyperventilate. How many tutus will she need?? Does she need ruffles on her pants?? Can she even wear pants??? I also remember saying I was buying nothing for this baby. That we already had everything we needed. I ended up falling somewhere between the minimalist and shopaholic camp. But here are my absolute must haves specifically for the baby monster that is little Miss M.

I’m hoping to be able to nurse for a year. (Then I’m shutting this dairy cow down.) So especially in the beginning when these tiny people are eating all.the.time you need a nursing cover. If you are one of those amazing women that can just pop things out and not stress about it I LOVE YOU but I am not one. I like this cover because it squishes down super tiny, its really light and I only have summer babies for some odd reason. ( I get bored around fall evidently) I never feel like M is suffocating underneath it. And it wraps completely around you. This means no awkward dance of trying to keep your pants up, half your shirt down, and cover up your muffin top WHILST feeding your munchkin. Here again if you don’t have a muffin top to cover up I applaud you but I’m all about honesty. It’s also advertised as a car seat cover, shopping cart cover, and scarf. But I’ve never used it as any of these things so I can’t speak to that. I do sometimes leave it on after a feeding more like a striped poncho but that’s just because I forget it’s on.

2. Ergo Baby Carrier

A trick or treating must have.

All the sweet little bouncers and swings in my house that have gone unused. M is finally starting to enjoy her stroller but her first choice of transportation is always my arms. So for the past 7 months if I needed to get anything done that required more than one arm I had to wear her. This carrier has been a God send. I’ve tried slings and wraps but they never felt as secure as this one. Especially since she is super wiggly. It allows me to have one hand to hold onto C and the other to pick up the bottle of wine I am purchasing. Even the husband will wear her in it.  I will say I wish it had a pocket on it somewhere for my wallet or keys but that is my only complaint.


3. Backpack diaper bag
This goes along with needing to be hands free. When I had C I remember wanting to match my diaper bag to my outfit and even using a nice handbag as a diaper bag sometimes. I was stylish and functional. And I started out with M using a cute shoulder bag. Recently though function has won out. I need hands to open car doors, grab 5 year olds, and ensure general safety of my offspring. The switch to a backpack diaper bag was one I wasn’t excited about but it has been useful. I will say it’s sort of cute in its own preppy way and makes me feel like I’m headed off to class.  I have gotten a few comments like, looks you you are going hiking! or Wow you came ready for battle! but honestly people don’t challenge a sleep deprived mom who has lost her filter to a battle of snarky one liners . I will win.

Honorable Mentions
* Como Tomo bottles– I don’t think M has a preference for bottles but I like these. They are squishy, fun colors and just generally kind of cool looking. Also easy to take apart and clean.
*Target Brand Gas drops– I honestly don’t know if these actually make a difference. But the target brand is so much cheaper than brand name. And we use them allllll the time.
*Wine– I regret to say it is now all about quantity. When the husband goes to buy me wine he says- what kind do you want. I reply, “yes.”
*Coffee-all the coffee. all the time.
Oh and the Nosefrida? We are a house divided. According to the husband its the most vile thing ever invented. But it works. So I’m on board.