The hubs is leaving in a week. A WEEK, PEOPLE. We have been through this so many times as a couple. He has been either active duty military or government since 2004. We have said goodbye quite a few times. It doesn’t ever get any easier but we do get smarter about it. We have a couple rules that make the day of his departure more manageable for everyone.
1. Leave as early as possible. This may seem counter intuitive as you want to spend as much time together as you can. But the day he leaves, you know he has to leave. So prolonging it is like a long slow band aid removal. Just rip that sucker off and get it done. Last time he waited a couple hours too long and we ended up leaving the house to go somewhere…anywhere because we literally could not take sitting in the house being sad anymore. We would just burst into tears randomly. Rip it off. Let me wrap my head around my new normal.
2. No airport goodbyes. This one was set up by the husband but I like it. Our family goodbyes are always tearful. Especially when he says goodbye to the kids. (Although most of the tears come from the parents…..). No one wants an airport full of people watching this. Someone usually takes him to the airport so me and the kids can fall apart in our own home.
3. Stay busy in the days leading up to the departure. The less you think and talk about it the better.
4. No dinner dates. We used to go out to dinner a couple nights before he left but same problem- do we talk about him leaving or him leaving? Take your pick. So movie dates, group activities, stuff with the kids. All acceptable. Nice dinner out- bad idea.


Just these three amigos again!

So what’s a girl to do during the week countdown? Anything I want. It’s pampering week! I try and do things just for me that will be difficult to do while he is gone. Yesterday I got a massage. ¬†Today my mom and I went for pedicures and 9 am prosecco at PaintBase in NorthHills. A bit fancier than my normal nail place.

Ok a lot fancier. No jetted tubs (which i guess can harbor bacteria.blech) and no annoying massage chair. I know some people really like the massage chairs. But because I’m 5 foot nothing, the massager meant for my neck was always digging into my skull. Super relaxing. Paintbase did a great job- I’ll for sure go back. Also I had to walk away from their little retail area its all so cute I could do some real damage. Dinner with friends. A school party with C, without M. ¬†And a whole lot of trying not to think about how when the husband gets back his little M will be walking.