Escaping my 1500 square foot prison for a bit (and for the record I love my little home but anywhere you start feeling trapped is essentially a ┬áprison.) for a bit of mom-recreation…momreation. Something like that. A thrown together gathering of other moms in the throws of early infancy that I have a feeling will not be a one time event. Mimosas, fruit, and various other breakfast carbs launched us into the topics that we obsess over these days.

While sleep training and nipple cream isn’t exactly up there with curing cancer- they are none the less part of the mountain of day to day challenges that come from being the parent to a 0 year old. Lactation cookies were consumed ( as well as enjoyed by the husband later. He’s still not lactating in case you were wondering.) and complaints listened to. I think that’s the most refreshing thing about talking to other moms in the same stage as you- they get it. When it’s been awhile since the kids were babies; it’s tempting to view their babyhood through the rosy glasses only available with time. Or if you don’t have children it’s probably all Greek to you. ┬áBut when you are IN IT right now you can nod your head and understand how easy it is to run into a wall when responding to your baby for the 5th time that night. You can not feel like a complete moron for putting salt in the coffee or your computer in the fridge. (Both happened early in M’s life.) Or you can laugh at how the husband actually asked “Whose baby is that?” recently when M was crying at night.

I read somewhere that years 1-4 are the manual labor stage of parenting and I cannot agree more. I see this in the difference in work put in between C and M. And to all the parents of babies close together God Bless Your Heart.
I can’t really express to you how helpful it is to get together with other moms and talk through these things. To all my mommas out there working the 24/7 shift- get your babies, get together and get talking.