Sitting here at the kitchen table trying to focus on my statistics homework but instead listening to C sing to himself from his bed. He has been doing this every night- literally singing himself to sleep. It’s been a rough couple days for the both of us and I worry about his sensitive little soul. This is the first time the husband has left and I’ve seen it impact C. At 5 years old I figured it was going to happen soon, but it really hurts.

The husband’s last morning home I sent him out of the house with C for some quality dad time. They spent the morning climbing rocks, trees, and monkey bars.

But when they came home ,for the first time, C seemed to realize he was leaving. He locked himself in his room with a solid slam of his door. When I unlocked it and went in he told me he wasn’t going to miss Daddy “not even a little peep.” (Opposites day.) After we all said our goodbyes and the husband and I tried our hardest to keep the tears in check- C ran out the door unprompted to get “one more hug from Daddy.” And that’s all it took to break my heart.


This little guy loves with everything he has- be it dinosaurs or his dad. And I pray that never changes. I will spend the next few months counting down the days and for the first time- I know I’m not alone in that.

i love this picture. It’s just such a great capture of actual parenting happening.