I need a top for this baby cage.

What a glorious weekend despite all the rain. Went to the Midtown Farmers Market and this farm was giving away duck eggs. Like what the what? “Would you like to try half a dozen duck eggs?” Ummmm yes please! C and I proceeded to crack them open at home and compare them to chicken eggs. Honestly they just look bigger to me but I’m sure someone with a more sophisticated palate would tell me otherwise.

Duck vs Chicken. And no he is not wearing pants, it was a crazy weekend.

Also C got to sit in a Tesla and proceeded to flip the eff out when they told him it was electric and you could plug it in. He then told everyone that came up- “It’s an electrical car, you plug it in like a tablet!” Mind. Blown.

Oh there’s more. I tried an acai bowl for the first time from a truck called Buoy Bowls. Holy bananas ( which I had them take off the bowl) it was AMAZING. Like I considered following them to their location the next day except they took the day off. Despite my need for an acai bowl fix.

Miss M decided it was a good weekend to both try spaghetti for the first time AND start pulling up to standing. M and food now have a love hate relationship. She loves food, and hates when it takes me too long to give it to her. She will actually yell at me. Not cry, yell. The hangry evidently can start very early.

On the standing front she has figured out how to pull up but not sit that cute little diapered butt back down. This leads to many falls and most likely minor head injuries as well as just getting “stuck” standing during nap time. I’m sure in no time this new skill will lead to her climbing the crib and eventually the walls. Stay tuned.

Then I was cleaning out my closet and decided to sell a bunch of purses I just don’t need anymore. (Read: they are way too small for all my kid related junk) While cleaning them out I found about 50 bucks worth of lipgloss (score) and my old blockbuster membership card. (double score.)

So I’m gonna run down to the closest Blockbuster and grab a thing of twizzlers and a VHS tape and have a killer evening. I really hope the last person that rented remembered to “be kind and rewind.”