Well y’all I’m breaking up with my nursing cover. Its not me…it’s M. That’s not to say I’ll never use it again but I would most likely have to be sitting next to the Pope to whip that sucker out. (Although maybe not because huge props to Pope Francis he is super lactation friendly.) This breakup has been in the works for several weeks now because it’s getting hot, people. We live in the south and during the spring, summer ( heck even fall and winter sometimes) it’s sticky and humid and pretty miserable in my opinion. I can’t imagine being engulfed in fabric between the outdoor humidity and my body heat….and then trying to eat lunch. It cannot be pleasant.

But the biggest reason is just M herself. She is 8 months old now and this is my first time breastfeeding an 8 month old. With C at that age I was back at work barely getting enough pumped during the day and supplementing with formula. When I did nurse him it was at night when things were quiet and dark and he could focus on eating. Trying to breastfeed this 8 month old baby girl in the middle of the day goes something like this: eating….eating…..eating…..staring at a toy on the floor….eating…..laughing at the dog…..eating…..making fart sounds with her mouth…..eating….actually farting….eating while simultaneously trying to claw moms eyes out….sticking fingers up moms nose….eating…sitting up for a second to contemplate existence….eating…yelling at C….eating….You get the picture. She stays attached for about 20 seconds at a time at the longest. ┬áIf I put the cover on she pulls on it and gets upset and it all becomes a lot more noticeable than if I just (discretely) adjusted my shirt and nursed her.

All this to say- I am not an exhibitionist. I am not trying to make a political/religious/feminist/lactivist/etc statement. I am not trying to throw anything in the face of formula feeding moms. I am not trying to be obnoxious. I am simply feeding my baby. If this offends you ( in a country where ads show more boobage than I do nursing ( Victorias Secret, hardees…..) just don’t look. If you need to walk away, feel free. If you would like to roll your eyes or make huffy sighing noises (both of which I have gotten) be prepared to get some of that tude right back.

I know, it’s all super shocking.

I am going to do what’s best for my family. And right now that means I will let my older kid keep playing at the park- I wont hurry him away just to hide in the car and nurse my littlest. I won’t panic if my cover isn’t in the diaper bag. We’ve had a good run, the cover and I, but M will now be enjoying her dairy alfresco. Boobs out, yall.