I would say-birthday party season is upon us- but honestly these little party animals are born year round so that statement is always true. We’ve had quite a few kid’s parties recently. This usually means a target run with the kidlets. Although I have discovered that Learning Express does free wrapping. The overpriced educational toy I said I would NEVER pay that much for- just became a steal. I love shopping for birthday presents for kids. There’s none of the wondering if they will like it that comes with adult shopping. That weird looking dinosaur made in china?
Is it a mouse, is it a dinosaur? C calls it Aliensaurus 
Oh yea that will be a hit. Best day ever. I even get to venture down the “girl” aisles and look for dolls and tea sets and princess dresses which I don’t usually get to do. ( So.many.dinosaurs) Most importantly it’s good training for C. He has to pick out a present for a friend and he knows he cant have it. Although I do typically allow him an icee to take the edge off this affront.  It’s tough stuff. 
But I’ve decided I’m done buying cards for kids. Seriously what is so wrong with writing the kids name on the side of the bag or the little tag that is already attached. To “so and so” from “whats his name”. This is all the information kids need anyways. I have never seen a kid willingly open the card first. They start shredding through the wrapping, tissue paper flying and mid joyful discovery of their brand new toy you hear mom or dad say- wait, open the card first! And most of the time the kid can’t even read! If I have something I want to write down for your little one to read, eventually, I will give it to you-the responsible adult parent to whom words matter more than the plastic stegosaurus toy that was just opened.  
I saw a card for 8 bucks while we were shopping. EIGHT DOLLARS. Yea no, I can and will spend that money more wisely on overpriced coffee (that’s like two cortados, yo). So even though C’s little friends are starting to read I’m going to push more for the homemade variety of felicitations. Once when I let C write a card for a birthday he wrote, “You don’t like dinosaurs, but that’s ok.” This is what is at risk here, people, true poetry like that. And that hesitant, sometimes backwards, phonetically spelled, awkwardly spaced out handwriting sadly won’t be around forever. I say capture it as much and as often as possible. 
C wanted to make sure everyone knew how to make one of these homemade cards. Pay close attention everyone. It’s a 5 step process. 
1.”Get two pieces of paper. Any kind you can write on.”
2, “Stick them together.”
(This step and the second piece of paper never reappear. I get the sense it’s an important step in the process I just can’t understand with my decaying adult mind.)
3.”Cut out a note”
4. “Write a beautiful note”
5. “Voila!” Which C has told me before means “I’m flying!” in Spanish. I don’t have the heart to correct him.