I don’t believe I fit into any one parenting philosophy. I don’t think anyone really does 100%.You take bits and pieces of advice from various books, websites, relatives but ultimately you do what works for you, your family, and that specific baby. In my family for instance we vaccinate “old school” (on a regular schedule) and love us some sleep training (turn that monitor off!). But I delivered at a birth center, baby wear, and plan on nursing my daughter for over a year. Those last three are what people call my “crunchy tendencies” and to add to that list I’ve been on the hunt for cloth diapers to have on hand at the house. I am a pro at online shopping but for something that goes on my little monster’s adorable behind, I want to see and feel what I’m buying. I only had to travel to the Raleigh-Cary line to find Grow, the Family Boutique
While I was there personally shopping for cloth diapers, baby carriers are one of  their biggest draws. I cannot say enough for baby wearing. In the early days-especially when your little one sleeps most of the day- these things are a life saver. I love my Ergo carrier and it allowed me, as a functionally single parent, to have both hands free to corral my other unruly offspring in public or to simply get dishes done if Mags was too fussy to put down. It was easy to know what I wanted going into baby number two, but this took some trial and error with baby number one. At Grow, you can try on multiple carriers and they will help fit and size you for them. (Check out some of the brands they carry. )
Need cloth diapers? Or not sure if you need them but are curious? Grow’s got you covered. They have all in ones, all in twos, pocket diapers, prefolds/covers…all the types of diapers I didn’t know existed. And they would be happy to explain to you what all of that diaper jargon even means. They also have a “preloved” section for the thrifty among us(ahem…me.). Cloth diapering can be SUPER overwhelming and they know this. They offer a cloth diapering 101 class that also comes with a discount on a diaper package. Another unique service they offer is newborn diaper rental. You can rent the smallest sized diapers on a monthly basis instead of buying them to save you money during that newborn phase which doesn’t last that long. 
Locavores unite! My favorite thing of all may have been the support this store offers local vendors. Local artisan made jewelry, bows, diapers and best of all: onsies and t shirts with both adorable and snarky sayings. I’m such a sucker for these. They had me at Raleigh Girl Power. 
Something else I love about this store is their inclusivity. They went out of their way to reinforce to me that their doors are open to everyone. You do NOT have to cloth diaper and babywear  to shop at Grow. Yes they have a great lactation support area, but no one will judge you if you are whipping out a bottle of formula in this store. In fact one of the employees was quick (and accurate) to point out that mom’s sanity is one of the most important things to keep baby healthy! Can I get an Amen?! Grow does not support a certain kind of parent, it just supports parents. As moms, we struggle with mommy guilt and judgement coming at us from all sides. So when you encounter people who just want to help make this parenting journey a little easier no matter where you fall on the parenting spectrum, it’s like a breath of fresh air. 
On their website they call themselves a boutique specializing in natural home, child, and parenting items. But that’s not all I found. This is a shop that not only does what they claim but also reaches out to the community to be a center for education and support. They host La Leche league meetings, offer classes on baby wearing and cloth diapering. They will be starting an in house, co-op family preschool. They work with charities such as the Carrying On Project to hook up military members and spouses with baby carriers. (seriously be still my heart- that one hits close to home for me.) I love Grow’s heart to reach out to their local community and beyond. They like to call it a “community supported by a baby boutique.” So yes they can totally help you out if you need to pick up an amber teething necklace-but you may find you keep going back just for the incredibly welcoming support offered to parents of all kinds. 

**Big news for this store: they are moving! And moving to an awesome location in downtown Cary in Ashworth Village. They are closing up shop at their current location June 30th and will reopen at their new spot in August. I’ve heard it will be twice as big and will have lots of room for education/events. Until they close up they are having a kick-ass sale…just saying.**