Someone recently asked me if MomUnglued has a mission statement. I wanted to laugh and tell them MomUnglued just barely has a website. But it got me thinking about why I write. Why I bother to put this stuff out there to be enjoyed or judged by other people. And while I haven’t crafted a mission statement for MomUnglued yet, when I do you can bet your mombod it will include some of this.

The perfect mom is a unicorn. Unicorns don’t exist. For that reason:
I will not portray a perfect life on social media.
I will speak my truth about motherhood.
I will not judge the mom who is different from me.
I will not judge myself for being different than I want to be.
I will learn to live on very little sleep.
I will embrace the fact that I don’t cook and hate DIY.
I will learn to ignore clutter and dodge legos.
I will drink wine.
I will drink coffee.
I will prioritize self care.
I will swear.
I will pray.
I will accept help when offered.
I will give help when possible.
I will shout from the rooftops that parenting is f*cking hard.
I will shout from those same rooftops that we are all in this together.
Mom On, Y’all.