I partnered with La Farm Bakery and NC Blogger Network for this sponsored post. While it may be sponsored, the thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 

I love me some Raleigh, y’all. But recently I have found myself in downtown Cary almost every other weekend. I thought maybe I was on my own in my under-appreciation of this small downtown jewel but lo and behold-

Cary is revitalizing!

A big part of this revitalization? La Farm Bakery‘s new production and development location. Thanks to NC Blogger Network and La Farm, I was lucky enough to get a tour (and more importantly a taste) of this new site.


When you walk into their new location the first thing you notice is the smell. Think bread with a hint of coffee. I mean, come on. The location currently offers breads, pastries, baked goods, spreads, and drip coffee. Plans are in the works to have a cafe and espresso bar on site as well. But the “goods for sale” part of the shop is minuscule compared to the expansive kitchen and prep area. While speaking with the owner and master baker, Lionel Vatinet, you could tell this was the kitchen of his dreams and was truly built from his passion up.
The brains behind the operation.

After learning the correct way to slice bread, tasting and learning about the different kinds of flour that goes into his breads, and realizing I was grossly under educated on all things baking- I got a sneak peek into this carbaholics fantasy land. Everything down to the air circulation is designed with baking in mind. The massive oven uses steam as its first line of baking for just the right crust.

That’s an oven. I can’t even.

A destination for grain and local sourcing.

Despite my lack of education in the arena of baking you can’t go into a place like this and not leave with an appreciation of the delicate and amazing work being done here. Vatinet wants this to become a “destination for all things grain.” This will not only be a mecca for food lovers but a location for research and development. Vatinet plans on pushing the envelope when it comes to grain and baking.

Something else that stood out to me was the amount of local sourcing. On their website they proudly mention the vendors from North Carolina that they partner with. They locally source flours, honey, produce, and coffee. They are investing in our local triangle economy and that makes me feel even better about handing over my hard earned cash.

Stop in to this new location with your other mom pals and pick up a white chocolate baguette or a french macaron. Take one of their baking classes.Or simply let your kids munch on some delicious bread while you sit and sip your coffee and feel oh so French in the middle of the Triangle.